Схема вышивки santas sampler

схема вышивки santas sampler
Prairie Schooler’s annual Santas have been Re-re-printed… and if you don’t get them now… there will never be a 4th chance! 33 years of classic design…check your stash, organize them by year, and fill these in if you need ANY of the years. Most of the previous Santas are still available… some in a single card, some only in the reprinted sets of 4 designs. They are also fun to work on larger fabrics. Double Double Card $4.00 New From The Prairie Schooler!We’re into Fables & Tales & Children’s Rhymes.

Treats from Prairie Schooler — August and January round out their series of THE MONTH leaflets! With his brow so nobly open and his dark and kindly eye, oh my heart beats fondly towards him whenever he is nigh. Bump in the Night has that witch on the left, but can your eye see the 7 same-sized panels in the rest of the design? Now that her children are in college, gardening keeps her busy when she’s not designing.

Lovely presentations — as always! #196 Nevermore — A very spooky-flavored haunted mansion and graveyard scene. Very Spring-y! The 3 Billy Goats is certainly a different subject than we’re used to seeing… but what a fun piece to start a conversation over! This year, Santa is caroling you a Merry Christmas.

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