Electronic siren dw-100n схема подключения

electronic siren dw-100n схема подключения
Units are shipped complete with all components and installation data for field installation. The driver is finished in black baked epoxy for optimum durability and corrosion protection. His rugged, reliable designs laid the foundation for the SA Siren line, the premium siren amplifier that all others are measured against. Locate a Carson dealer in your area. NOTE: All Carson sirens are intended for use by authorized personnel only. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure they understand and operate this emergency warning device in compliance with all applicable city, state and federal laws and regulations. These products were developed with fire rescue applications in mind.

Mechanical Tone Sirens Emergency vehicle sirens with a mechanical tone feature. These products were developed with volunteer applications in mind. The projector assembly is manufactured of plastic and finished in black. Siren Accessories / Replacement Parts Find the accessories/replacement parts for your product with this handy chart. Economy Quality sirens that are rugged and reliable.

Carson has built upon that groundwork through continuous development and pushed the envelope of technology to find new ways of making our emergency vehicle sirens stronger, longer lasting and more effective. Unit contains the patented AtlasIED SD-370A compression driver (U.S. Patent #7,760,501) complete with a non-fatiguing, self-aligning sound chamber assembly. Replacement head assembly (Model K-370A) or driver assembly (Model SD-370A) are available for field replacement. New Emergency Vehicle Products New products designed specially for emergency vehicles.

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