Инструкция к стиральной машине philips whirlpool awg 362

инструкция к стиральной машине philips whirlpool awg 362
Center tap of T1 (any small AF transformer) can be grounded. CR1 and CR2 are germanium diodes. Noise figure with optimum source resistance is about 3 dB at 150 MHz. Am- plifier is capacitively coupled common-emitter cascade. Pure sine-wave signal is applied to device under test, and out- put of device is fed to AF input of distortion meter. With S 1 normally open and S 2 normally closed, circuit operation is normal. If switch positions are simultane- ously reversed, response remains flat regard- less of positions of bass and treble pots, center- frequency gain remains unchanged, and phase shift is unchanged. Ori- entation of symbols is unimportant; artists choose the position that is most convenient for making connec- tions to other parts of the circuit. Uses 12-VDC 1000-ohm 1-A relays, Tl SN7274IL opamp U1, and wirewound 360° ro- tation command pot R7 operating from 14-V regulated supply of original control.

Signal wires are twisted together in shield acting as ground. Ranges are 0-1 and 0-10 W. L 2 is T-50-2 toroid wound almost full with No. 28 enamel, leaving only room for 2-turn link L,. C, and C 2 are 3-20 pF trimmers. Entire circuit must be duplicated for other stereo channel. Meter rectifier bridge is in feedback loop of opamp, to give highly linear AC/DC con- version with flat frequency/amplitude response and short voltage rise time at low cost. The longer the reference antenna used, the greater will be the sensitivity of the meter.

Ferrite 4ecring is 0.5-inch Mullard FX1596 or equiva- lent. — P. G. Martin, Some Directional Wattme- ters and a Novel SWR Meter, 73 Magazine. For other IF, such as 10.7 or 11.7 MHz, capacitor values should be changed accordingly. Hundreds of cross-references in the index aid searching.

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