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But I never had a singing lesson. No one ever taught me how to use my voice. Then I rejarred it on a motorcycle. No one thought about helmets or pads back then. After graduating, Neiman served on the Art Institute faculty for ten years.

True?No, because here’s the thing: I had creative control and final cut on Mission Impossible. I brought Renner in. So there’s a separation between what’s happening versus what people say. Оно меня не парализует — но да, я чувствую нечто подобное. Не очень похоже. Я чувствую некоторую вину. Я живу хорошо, мне так жить нравится, и я знаю, что многие люди живут куда хуже. У меня есть совесть. Я создаю благотворительный фонд; жертвую крупные суммы. Хороший вопрос… Есть что-то очень хорошее в земле. И сама земля это, в принципе, недвижимость. Fleming reports: “For all the adversity he endured the past half decade, I’m not sure I’ve ever met an actor who seems as content and comfortable in his own skin as Cruise.
Finally, when I got back, it was like, “Tom, we’re not even going to talk about this.” But I don’t go into these things in a haphazard manner. Конечно, не мне жаловаться — для меня это прямая выгода. What else did you do with your money?From as early as I can remember, I wanted to ride motorcycles and race cars. I wanted to do jumps and stunts. One week I said to her, “You’ve been up in the middle of the night. Is everything okay?” She smiled and then threw this thing on my desk and said, “I wrote this script.” She wanted to try it, and she did. You have sued over some particularly personal things that have been written about you and your family. CreditIllustration by Jacob Escobedo For a long time, critics and English professors declared that science fiction wasn’t literature.

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