Журнал nature 323

журнал nature 323
Содержание Журнал ориентирован на научных работников, однако в начале каждого издания публикуется краткое популярное изложение важнейших публикаций. В колонке редактора и разделе «Новости» (англ. Here we report the high-yield synthesis and characteristics of germanium with the empty clathrate-II structure through the oxidation of Zintl anions in ionic liquids under ambient conditions. These can be helpful for keeping up with your discipline or finding a research topic. Кроме того, по мнению Шекмана, проблема в том, что редакторы этих журналов являются не учёными, а издателями и их интересуют прежде всего шумиха, сенсация и фурор.

Activated AvrPphB cleaves the Arabidopsis PBS1 serine-threonine protein kinase, leading to RPS5 activation. How did you become interested in the anthropogenic manipulation of Amazonian rivers and streams? Thus, basal disease resistance is, at first glance, PTI minus the effects of ETS; however, there is also likely to be weak ETI triggered by weak recognition of effectors, as detailed below.

Однако критерии отбора статей в Nature (как и в Science) чрезвычайно жёстки. Fungi can directly enter plant epidermal cells, or extend hyphae on top of, between, or through plant cells. This paper seeks to redress this situation, to provide a clearer understanding of how nature makes knowledge (and other epistemological processes and achievements) possible. Most often published in peer reviewed journals, primary research articles report on the findings of a scientist’s work.

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