Инструкция гелиос 40

The first taken with the Helios-40-2 at f1.5: Helios-40-2 85mm f1.5 at f1.5 on EOS 5D. Note «swirly» bokeh And the second is a shot taken with the Canon EF 85/1.8 USM at f1.8: Canon EF 85/1.8 at f1.8 on EOS 5D The difference is obvious i think. For a full length portrait, the background can be further away. There are a lot of good portrait lenses out there which are easier to work with. Комплект Снаряжения Полины (S) Роковой день — судьба Эльфов 76 Винонин Заряд Души: Ранг S — 8000 шт.

Let’s see why I purchased it. A Little History Helios is an old Russian lens brand which used to come with Zenit cameras. Предел диафрагмирования 1:16 Разрешающая способность (центр/край) 38/20 линий/мм Минимальная дистанция фокусировки 0,5 м Присоединительная резьба M42×1 Посадочная резьба для насадок М49×0,75 Габариты Ø60×52 мм Масса 230 граммов Однослойное просветление. Putting your subject «bull’s eye» in the center of the frame is normally not a recommended portrait composition, but with this lens it can be a good idea to do so. Corners reach «acceptable» by around f5.6 but continue to get better as you stop down to f11 at which point they’re approaching the sharpness of the center.
With a 67mm thread, the lens has a screw-on lens cap which protects the front glass element. Something you have to keep in mind that this lens is based on a really old Zeiss Biotar design–you can’t expect the same image quality that a modern lens design delivers. Каталог товаров Новости Скидка 5% при заказе online!далее Автокомплекс 2015далее Расширенная гарантиядалее Все новости С этим товаром смотрят С этим товаром покупают. Stop down to f/2.8 would improve the center sharpness quite a bit, but the edges are still very soft until you further reduce the aperture to around f/5.6 or so. Получение третьей профессии позволит изучить уникальные умения класса. Благословенный Заряд Духа: Ранг A — 6000 шт. 5,598,386 175 Свиток Благ.

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